Hokuichi’s Contribution to Society
Hokuichi’s Contribution to Society


Hokuichi’s Contribution to Society

99% of Our Products are Auto Parts.
Hokuichi’s Technology is Nearer Than You Think

We are a constantly evolving manufacturer. For faster production of smaller and higher quality products, Hokuichi has introduced the latest equipment and pursues innovative production on a daily basis.
Hokuichi’s technology is used in a variety of everyday consumer products, from auto parts to imaging devices.

Speedometer Boards

Used in passenger cars, mini cars, and motorcycles. Our annual production volume exceeds 1 million units, representing a 10% domestic share of the speedometer circuit board market.

Headlight Control Boards  
*Produced in the past

A system designed to cast illumination in the driving direction to enhance visibility. This system increases the safety of nighttime driving and contributes to reducing accidents.

Sensor Boards 
*Produced in the past

Annually, 2.3 million units of various in-vehicle sensors are produced, including those that turn the lights on and off responding to external brightness.

In-vehicle Interior Lighting

Our parts are used in automotive interior lamps, such as map lamps and courtesy lamps.

Wire Harnesses for Headlights

Lamp Units

Rear Combination Lamps,
Wire Harnesses for LID Lamps

Approximately 6 million wire harnesses are produced annually, mainly for automotive headlights, indicator lamps, and brake lights.

Printed Circuit Boards for Imaging Devices

A total of 2,273 components are mounted on the two sides of a 340 134 mm circuit board, including 23 BGAs and 1,049 0603-chips.