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■Privacy policy

In view of the importance of protecting personal information, Hokuichi Electronic will comply strictly with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and this privacy policy, striving to protect the privacy of our customers.

1. The handling of personal information
Hokuichi Electronic (hereinafter, “our Company”) recognizes that personal information is important information which constitutes privacy and considers its thorough protection to be our Company's social responsibility. We have decided upon the following approach to privacy on this website, and will work to ensure that customers can have peace of mind when using this website.
Our Company complies strictly with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant legislation and regulations.
At the same time as establishing a management system for the protection of personal information, our Company will make these company regulations known among our management and staff, and work to ensure thorough compliance with them.

2. Purposes of use of personal information
Our Company will make use of the personal information which we have acquired, in the light of project goals, to provide information about projects carried out by our Company, conclude and execute contracts, develop new services, and provide information which we believe to be beneficial to our customers.
Specifically, we will make use of it for purposes such as the following.

  1. To obtain opinions and thoughts from our customers
  2. To respond to enquiries and requests for materials
  3. To provide information about our Company's products and services
  4. To develop or improve our services
  5. To conclude and execute the contracts necessary for the performance of our business
  6. To carry out the applications, reports, and other procedures necessary to our business activities
  7. To confirm the identity of and contact persons who enter our Company's offices or work sites
  8. To explain our construction work or business projects to the residents and landowners in the vicinity of work sites
  9. To carry out public relations activities and ancillary tasks both internally and externally
  10. To carry out checks during accountancy audits
  11. To receive employment applications and carry out selection
  12. To carry out any other tasks necessary to our business activities

3. Sharing of personal information and its provision to third parties
Our Company may outsource business tasks to partner companies and entrust them with personal information within the scope necessary for these tasks, in order to accomplish the purposes of use set out in the previous clause. In such cases, we will put in place appropriate supervision and management, such as the signing of a confidentiality agreement between our Company and the outsourcing contractor. Personal information will not be provided to third parties in any other cases without the consent of the persons concerned, with the following exceptions.

  1. Where the consent of the persons concerned has been obtained
  2. Where work has been outsourced to a partner company or outsourcing contractor with whom our Company has signed a confidentiality agreement on personal information
  3. Where the information is processed into a form which does not allow individuals to be identified, such as the collection of statistical data
  4. Where the provision of this information is required by laws or regulations, or allowed under the law
  5. Where this is necessary in order to protect human life, health, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the persons concerned
  6. Where it is necessary for our Company to collaborate with the national government, local public entities, or businesses commissioned by them, in the carrying out of business specified under laws and regulations, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the persons concerned
  7. Where we receive a request for the provision of personal information from a court, public prosecutor's office, police, or an institution possessing equivalent powers

4. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information
Where a person requests the disclosure of their personal information, correction to its content, additions, deletion, cessation of use, or cessation of the provision of their personal information to third parties (hereinafter, “Disclosure, etc.”), our Company shall, after confirming the identity of the person, handle the request as rapidly as is reasonably possible. However, it may not be possible for us to comply with such requests when it comes to personal information which we possess based on laws and regulations. Moreover, personal information obtained in the course of enquiries about Disclosure, etc. will be handled only to the extent necessary to carry out those procedures.

5. Prevention of leaks of or damage to personal information
For the appropriate management and protection of personal information, our Company will implement information security measures for our computer systems (introduction of security systems, limiting those with authority to access the data, periodic changes to passwords, etc.) and dispose of confidential documents appropriately, striving to prevent the loss or leakage of or damage to personal information. Where internal inspections reveal deficiencies in this management system, or where external entities point out such deficiencies, we will immediately correct these and take precautionary measures, endeavoring to prevent their recurrence.

6. Enquiries about personal information
Please direct any enquiries or concerns about our Company's personal information to the following person.

Person responsible for personal information, Hokuichi Electronic Co., Ltd.
Address: 40-8 Matsuzawa, Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture 959-3427, Japan
Tel:+81-254-60-1222 (switchboard)
Daigo Chinami, President, Hokuichi Electronic Co., Ltd.
Enactment date: 1 February, 2021