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Hokuichi workers are united in striving to be the customers’ go-to supplier.

Since its foundation in 1969, Hokuichi has been producing automotive components as its core product. Today, our automotive components are used in one in ten domestic vehicles, which is a milestone achievement. However, we are still not satisfied with what we have achieved.We will continue to take on new challenges and evolve as a leading supplier.
Hokuichi plans to apply its expertise to creating components used in various other fields, including medical devices, social infrastructure, and housing.

Employee development is high on our priority list. We are committed to developing an effective training system where each worker can pursue their technical learning.
The name “Hokuichi” means “Be the number one supplier in northern Japan”.
We envision that we will become the customers’-number-one-choice supplier. Our employees work hard every day to hear customers say,
“You can never go wrong with Hokuichi.”

President Daigo Chinami


Hokuichi continues to optimize its production system to provide competitive quality, cost, and lead-time.

Our job is to bring our customers a great deal of satisfaction through our products. To make this happen, we are focused on two things: enhancing automatization by installing the latest machines; and training employees. We strongly believe that these two elements need to go hand in hand to be a truly competitive supplier. We aim to be a manufacturer that can provide customers with safe and secure proposals and solutions.


We have built a unique production method consisting of three systems: manufacturing, quality, and control. We have improved production efficiency and stabilized quality.

Employee Development Program

People are always at the center of a company’s growth. We are implementing a qualification acquisition system and improvement activities that allow each employee to improve their skills.


Management Philosophy

Hokuichi, built on the idea that solid manufacturing comes from a strong employee development program, continues to contribute to society by delivering reliable products to our customers.

Management Policy

  • Satisfy customers’ various needs, including quality, cost and, lead-time with responsive and flexible support, which come from the customer-first policy.
  • Continue to optimize our advanced production system to ensure our customers receive optimal solutions at competitive prices when needed.
  • We persistently work to keep our factory lean. All our employees actively set targets, review achievements, and set new goals.

Policy Environment

  • We comply with laws, regulations, ordinances, and industry agreements concerning the environment as well as customer requests. We follow our environment management system and make necessary updates and improvements to satisfy the policies and goals required.
  • 1.Engaged in the effective use of energy.

    2.Recycle more and waste less by encouraging the effective sorting of waste.

    3.Prevent the contamination of the environment by developing the management system to control the emittance of pollutants.

  • We provide all our employees with adequate environmental education to help nurture awareness and facilitate engagement in environment protection activities. Hokuichi is committed to informing its employees and society of this company policy regarding environmental protection.

Policy Conduct Guidelines

[Challenge] Follow ideals without being afraid of making mistakes.
[Improvement] Never settle for the present, but rather continue to seek improvements.
[Truthfulness] Be truthful to the essence of all matters and act swiftly.
[Co-creation] Work together and elevate creative values.
[Love] Love people and create a harmonious corporate culture.


Addressmain office/40-8 Matsuzawa, Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture 959-3427, Japan
EstablishmentMay. 1969
Capital Fund¥50,000,000 (Japanese Yen)
PresidentDaigo Chinami
Number of employees84 *As of August 21, 2023
Net sales3.87 billion yen (FY2022)
Business PartnersNippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
Nitto Electric Wire & Harnesses Co.,Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Business Description[Printed Circuit Boards]
Printed circuit boards for in-vehicle speedometers, printed circuit boards for video equipment, in-vehicle lighting (for indoor use), etc.

[Wire Harnesses]
Wire harnesses for headlamps, wire harnesses for rear combination lamps, wire harnesses for LID lamps, wire harnesses for train brake systems, etc.
CertificationsISO 9001 certification (March 2005)
ISO 14001 certification (August 2006)


May 1969Established a company (Iwafune, Murakami City) and started production of automotive/audio light bulbs.
June 1979Started production of wire harnesses for automobiles.
January 1984Started production of wire harnesses for OA equipment.
August 1986Started production of hybrid IC
May 1995Increased capital to 10 million yen.
July 1997Started production of printed circuit board assemblies for automobiles.
July 1999Started production of display panel assemblies for home appliances.
June 2003Began production of FPC-ASSY for cell phones (Started to support lead-free mass production).
March 2005Obtained ISO9001 certification.
May 2005New factory built and relocated (current address).
August 2006Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
February 2013Increased capital to 50 million yen.
March 2016Extended the company building.
October 2018Started production of cell holders for car batteries.
January 2019Started production of LED bulbs for car interiors.
October 2019Started production of 0603-size chips and BGA-mounted circuit boards.